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The Family Law Appeals Process

Family law appeals are not as commonplace as criminal or even other civil-related appeals matters. In fact, only a handful of law firms in Connecticut are willing to guide people through the family law appeals process. At the law firm of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C., our attorney has more than 35 years of experience helping people with difficult family law cases. To schedule an appointment to discuss your options, call 203-542-9391.

Appealing The Terms Of A Divorce Decree

It is important to understand what an appeal actually entails. Appeals are designed to re-examine a lower court's decision and how the case was presented. Evidence that was not presented during the initial trial may not be introduced at the appeals stage. As such, an appellate case is not the same as a new trial, through the appeals court may ultimately decide to send the case back to trial court. Rather, the appeals court will attempt to determine whether the law was properly applied. It is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who understands how to effectively present your side of the story.

When it comes to family law, it is often the most contentious aspects of a divorce decree that people seek to appeal, such as those involving financial orders, including alimony and child support. Child custody and visitation orders may be appealed as well. It is worth bearing in mind that the appeals process puts the ultimate outcome of your case in the hands of judges. Once the process has been exhausted, nothing more can be done. That is why experience is so crucial.

We Have A Long History Of Handling Family Law Appellate Cases

Our firm has represented people in numerous family appeals, some of which include:

Richard Albrecht v. Katherine Albrecht, AC 7119

Edward Bock v. Lucille Bock, AC 32151

Mary Cunningham v. Gerard Cunningham, AC 33403

Josheph Distefano v. Renee Distefano, AC 21399

John Porter v. Patricia Thrane, AC 26034

George Rozsa v. Ellen Rozsa, AC 29538

Marvin Taylor v. Elinor Taylor, AC 29590

Alexandra Weed v. Victor Hernandez, AC 22022

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