Important Considerations In Property Division
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Property Division In Connecticut

Last updated on January 28, 2021

When it comes to property division, Connecticut follows the rule of equitable division. This means that property is to be divided between divorced couples in a way that is fair and equitable. It is important to keep in mind that “equitable” is not synonymous with “equal,” and it is not enough to simply present a detailed accounting of the marital estate. You must also create a compelling narrative that argues for the fairness of your point of view. The goal is to help parties reach a workable resolution whether through negotiation, mediation and, only if necessary, effective trial presentation.

At the law firm of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C., our attorney has 40 years of experience handling complex property division cases in the Greenwich area. We pride ourselves on providing thorough, well-prepared representation designed to give our clients consistently positive results in divorce proceedings. To schedule an appointment with our lawyer, call us at 203-542-9391.

Difficult Property Valuations Made Clear And Comprehensible

One of the greatest obstacles to ensuring an equitable distribution of property is getting an accurate valuation of ongoing business enterprises and other assets that cannot be simply purchased from a store. We have extensive experience establishing favorable valuations of all types of assets, including:

  • Real estate
  • Entertainment royalties and residuals
  • Executive compensation and severance packages
  • Family businesses
  • Family trusts
  • Hedge fund interest
  • Private equity holdings

We have represented people with significant assets, whether individuals or their spouses, from midlevel managers to senior partners in legal and accounting firms, as well as asset managers, business owners, corporate executives, entertainment producers and directors, fashion designers, and television and sports personalities. When you have significant assets at stake, you need help from a lawyer who has experience handling complex property division matters.

Contact Us For Help With Asset Division

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