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Experienced Legal Help For Child Support Issues

When children are involved in a divorce proceeding, they are often the focal point of many issues that must be decided. While child custody and visitation determinations are often the first things that come to mind, it is also important to consider the financial costs of raising a child.

At the law firm of Thomas M. Shanley, P.C., our attorney has 40 years of experience helping people resolve matters concerning child support. Whether you are requesting support payments or are being asked to pay, we can advocate for your point of view while keeping the interests of your child in mind. To schedule an appointment with our lawyer, call us at 203-542-9391.

Calculating Child Support Payments In Connecticut

For the most part, initial child support determinations are relatively straightforward. There are guidelines in place that use various factors to help determine the amount of support that is needed to raise a child. While the primary determining factor is often the income level of each parent, there are numerous deviation criteria that may apply and adjust the amount of child support. Of course, numerous complications can arise that can make a determination much more difficult. No matter how complex your case may be, you can rely on our experience to help you achieve a successful resolution.

Modifying Support Orders

An initial order for support may no longer reflect a parent’s current situation. If a parent has experienced a substantial change in his or her life, such as the loss of a job or, alternatively, a promotion to a position that pays significantly more, it may be necessary to modify a child support order. We represent parents seeking modifications and those who wish to challenge modification requests.

Enforcing Support Orders

Unfortunately, some parents may take issue with orders to provide financial support for their children and may pay less than what is ordered or refuse to make payments altogether. In these situations, we can help explore your options for enforcement. Ideally, we can work with the noncomplying parent to reach an understanding. However, it may be necessary to seek a contempt of court ruling if the parent refuses to cooperate. In every case, our goal is to help get financial support flowing so that your child’s needs can be met.

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