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"I must say I am still at awe regarding your knowledge and the stature of your unbelievable performance in court. You were so good that you quieted a very opinionated and outspoken judge, causing him to finally consider your argument in the overall picture. No attorney could have matched your convincing position. Such a good job! I'm so proud of you. Thanks!" — Curt W.

"Thomas M. Shanley, Esq., is a seasoned family attorney who takes as much time as necessary to represent you in a family matter. His presence in a court of law is unparalleled. He commands the attention of everyone present and represents his clients to the best result that can be achieved. I have had Tom represent me for several matters and each one achieved the best possible outcome due to his expertise." — Holly P.

"I cannot recommend Tom Shanley highly enough for his outstanding legal representation during my recent divorce. Time and again, his advice was spot on, resulting in the desired outcome. Tom's vast experience and depth of knowledge in the field of family law were the primary attributes which led to this most successful conclusion. In addition, his ever-positive attitude, sensitivity to my needs and desires, abundant energy, patient demeanor, excellent strategic planning/implementation and consistent preparedness made a most difficult process so much easier to handle. I am confident that anyone requiring assistance in a family law matter will be extremely satisfied in choosing Tom Shanley to assist them. I can say, without hesitation, that I was." — Doug S.

"On top of his game … personable ... knows his courts and judges … great result." — Javad A.

"Tom is a very fair, open, knowledgeable and honest attorney in the area of family law. I highly recommend Tom for anyone in the lower Fairfield County area." — Matt A.

"He sees the big picture well. Great manner and approach to a particularly difficult legal topic." — John T.

"I have worked with Tom for a number of years on several cases and his experience and knowledge of the law were invaluable to his clients. His professionalism and character are top notch and I would recommend him highly to anyone." — Edward A.

"I would highly recommend Thomas Shanley as a family law attorney. He was professional, balanced and insightful in his advice. In a difficult time, he was a very reliable asset to me from the start until our eventual resolution of my matter." — Mark H.

"I would like to highly recommend Thomas Shanley. I found him to always be very organized, of the highest integrity, and creative and inventive in his thinking. He is also a very personable, very nice person. He is tough where you need him to be tough and is an excellent negotiator for your side. I found his services to be of very good value and the results were excellent." — Elizabeth G.

"Tom was a great attorney and friend when I need(ed) one. He always had my best interest in mind, and I was glad he was on my side! His staff was also accommodating. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Tom Shanley!" — Debbie M.

"Thomas Shanley and his legal team are hands on, detailed and follow up on every detail. I appreciate that they are in downtown Greenwich and that they respond very quickly." — Harald F.

"Tom is a unique attorney who provides compassion, empathy with an expertise in divorce/family law that is very rare these days." — Kevin M.

"Tom and his office staff provided me with exceptional service and I would recommend him." — Brad H.

"Tom and his firm worked tirelessly on my behalf as my divorce attorney for over a decade. His service and results were outstanding, through each phase of the legal proceedings. Tom is a seasoned expert with great credentials and experience, which he displayed constantly throughout his representation of me in legal matters. I would highly recommend Tom Shanley and his firm." — Rick P.

"Tom Shanley helped guide me through a particularly difficult moment in my life. That he did it with grace and dignity as well as expertise and integrity was both unexpected and much appreciated. I hope never to be in that situation again — but if I am, I will surely look to Tom." — Glenn C.

"Tom Shanley was professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable. He was a true gentleman and a class act." — Elyse S.

"Tom knows marital and family law in Connecticut perhaps better than any other litigator in the state. He is on top of his game in the courtroom, particularly when the case is complicated. He is thorough. If the matter involves complicated financial information, you want him on your side. After three decades practicing in Fairfield County, he knows the judges and fellow lawyers, no small attribute. He also has a top-notch support staff of paralegals, administrative assistants, accountants and forensic accounting consultants. I enthusiastically recommend Tom as a marital attorney." — Ellen R.

"Tom Shanley is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him. His knowledge and insight, dynamic communication skills, perseverance, charisma and sincerity were invaluable." — Kristen R.

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